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29 Nov 2022


The list of lakes in Bihar
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The list of lakes in Bihar 

The list of lakes in Bihar:1. Kanwar Lake:
Interesting facts about Kanwar Lake:

  • Located to the north of Begusarai district of the state of Bihar in India.
  • Largest freshwater oxbow lake in India.   
  • Shares borders with river Burigandak in the west and south
  • Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is a popular bird sanctuary in India.
  • Migratory birds visit this lake from Central Asia during winter. 

2. Muchalinda Lake:
Interesting facts about Muchalinda Lake:

  • Located in the Bodhgaya town of Bihar.
  • Buddha had meditated at this lake.
  • At the centre of the lake, the statue of Lord Buddha is present in meditating posture.
  • Basically, it is a beautiful pond surrounded greenery.

3. Ghora Katora Lake:
Interesting facts about Ghora Katora Lake:  

  • Located at Rajgir in Nalanda district of Bihar.    
  • Located near World Peace Pagoda and surrounded by green valleys.
  • Boating is available.
  • It is believed that Kind Jarasandha from Mahabharata had his stable at this lake.

4. Kusheshwar Sthan Lake:
Interesting facts about Kusheshwar Sthan Lake:

  • It is located at Kusheshwar in Darbhanga.
  • Kusheshwar Lake has been declared a bird sanctuary in 1972.
  • Its area keeps changing from 20 sq. km. to 100 sq. km. Due to heavy rainfall in the rainy season, its area tends to increase excessively.
  • The water of lakes Kamla, Kareh, etc., also comes in this lake.
  • It is famous for fish production.
  • Kusheshwar Lake is also visited by migratory birds like Pelicia Damatia and Siberian Crane during the winter season.

5. Gogabill Lake:
Interesting facts about Gogabill Lake:

    • It is located in the Kathihar district.
    • It is spread over 218 acres in area.
    • It is one of the largest wetlands in the state of Bihar.
    • When the water level is high during rainy season or floods, it gets connected to the Ganga and Mahananda rivers.
    • It serves as a sactuary for birds, palnts, and aquatic and terrestrial animals.
    • It is visited by around 300 migratory birds that come here during winter season and monsoon from Siberian region and Caspian Sea.

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