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29 Nov 2022


Lakes in Gujarat
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Lakes in Gujarat 

Lakes in Gujarat: Famous Lakes of Gujarat  1. Nalsarover Lake:
  • It became a bird sanctuary in April 1969.
  • Located in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat.
  • One of the largest wetland bird sanctuaries in the country.
  • Accredited as the largest wetland bird sanctuary in Gujarat.
  • Declared as Ramsar site of the country.
  • More than 200 species of birds including the waterfowl inhabit this lake.
  2. Hamirsar Lake:
  • Manmade lake located in the center of Bhuj, Kutch in the Gujarat state of India.
  • It was named after Rao Hamir, a Jadega ruler who built this lake around 450 years ago.
  • Spread over an area of 28 acres and is a famous spot for swimming.
  • Provides a beautiful view of Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, and Kutch Museum.
  3. Kankaria Lake:
  • Built in the 15thCentury by Sultan Qutb-ud-Din.
  • Located in the southeastern part of the Ahmedabad.
  • Second largest Lake of Ahmedabad.
  • An island garden is built in the middle of the lake.
  • Zoo, toy trains, amusement park, safari and more are present around the lake.
  4. Sursagar Lake:
  • Located in the Vadodara city of Gujarat.
  • A tall statue of Lord Shiva is located in the middle of the lake.
  • Also known as Chand Talav (pond) in Vadodara.
  • Named after Sureshwar Desai, a tax collector during Mughals’ reign.
  5. Narayan Sarovar:
  • Located in the Kutch district of Gujarat.
  • In 1981, it was declared as Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary.     
  • A holy lake with immense religious significance.
  6. Vastrapur Lake:
  • Located in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat.
  • Surrounded by lush green landscape and gardens.
  • Open air theatre and park for children are also build around the lake
  • Fed by Narmada River.
  7. Thol Lake:
  • Freshwater body located in Mehsana district of Ahmadabad.
  • In 1988 it was recognized as Thol Bird Sanctuary.
  • Breeding and nesting ground for migratory birds.
  • Named after the nearby village ‘Thol’

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