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29 Nov 2022


Foods you should not heat in a microwave
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Foods you should not heat in a microwave 

Microwave is a very useful appliance in the kitchen. It makes heating and reheating food items very quick and easy. Although microwaves are designed to heat food, there are some foods that we should not reheat in a microwave. These foods, which should not heated in a microwave are given below!

1. Breast milk:

It is very important for the growth, development and immunity of the newborn baby. It is not the main food of a baby, but also a rich source of maternal antibodies that protect the baby from various infections and diseases. If breastmilk is heated in a microwave, it will do more harm to the baby instead of benefiting the baby. This is because, due to microwaving, the growth of E-coli increases in breast milk. However, E-coli is also found in the intestines of humans. The problem arises only when its number increases or it multiplies to higher levels as in this case it may cause various infections, which may lead to death.

Additionally, as per the FDA, when microwaves heat the milk unevenly, which creates hot spots that can burn the palate of a baby.  

2. Broccoli:

It is a vegetable that is rich in fibre and nutrition. It is beneficial for the health of body tissues and helps in healing wounds. When it is microwaved, its nutrient content is reduced to up to 96%. Steaming broccoli also reduces its nutrients but only up to 11%.

3. Frozen fruit:

Frozen fruits are crisp, crunchier and juicy. They are required to be warmed up before they are eaten. They can be warmed up but should not be using a microwave. As per a study, microwaving frozen fruits may lead to severe health issues. This is because the glucosides present in the frozen fruits are converted into carcinogenic substances when they are exposed to radiations produced in the microwave. So, it is advised that left the frozen fruits at room temperature for few minutes before you eat them.

4. Defrosted meat:

Microwaving made it easy to cook defrosted meat but it should not be done due to the health issues associated with this process. Microwaving cannot heat the meat from deep inside, it heats only the edges and outer surface of the meat. So, the meat still remains raw and frozen from inside. Additionally, when we heat defrost meat and do not cook instantly, it may lead to bacterial growth, food poising, stomach pain, etc.

5. Whole eggs:

People may think that boiling eggs in a microwave is easy than boiling on a fire. But, it is not a healthy way to boil eggs. The microwaving heats the eggs in less time that leads to the build-up of steam inside the egg and may explode the egg and mess up the microwave.

6. Cup of water:

You may think to microwave a cup of water as it is faster and easy than a kettle. Generally, you do it for a hot tea or any other normal use. When we heat water in a microwave, it may heat the water too much without boiling. So, when you add a tea bag to it, it may boil rapidly all at once and your tea may spill or explode leading to burning.   

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