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29 Nov 2022


Domestic Cricket Tournaments in India
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Domestic Cricket Tournaments in India 

List of famous domestic cricket tournaments in India.

1. Ranji Trophy: It is the biggest first-class domestic cricket tournament in India that is held every year. It was introduced as the ‘Cricket Championship of India’ in July 1934. The first edition of Ranji Trophy was held in 1934-35. The teams in the Ranji trophy represent different state cricket associations and regional cricket associations. Over the time, it underwent many changes in format.

2. Duleep Trophy: It is a domestic first-class cricket tournament in India. It got its name from Kumar Shri Duleepsinhji of Nawanagar who was popularly known as Duleep. The first edition of Duleep Trophy was played in 1961. This tournament was introduced to assist the selectors in evaluating the performance and form of the players. 

Originally, this tournament was played by the teams representing different geographic zones of India. Over the time, few changes were made and at present the teams selected by BCCI participate in this tournament.

3. Vijay Hazare Trophy: It is named after Vijay Hazare, a famous Indian Batsman. It is also known as the Ranji One-Day Trophy.  It was started in 2002-03 to introduce limited-overs game for the audience. The state teams of Ranji Trophy participate in this tournament and it proceeds in a Round Robin and Playoff’s format.  As of now, Tamil Nadu has been the most successful team of this tournament by winning trophy fiver times. The latest edition (2019-20) of this tournament was won by Karnataka by beating Tamil Nadu in the finals.

4. Deodhar Trophy: It is a List A cricket tournament in India. It got its name from D.B Deodhar, which is famous as the grand old man of Indian cricket. Deodhar Trophy is a 50-over tournament that follows the knockout pattern. It was introduced by Board of Control of Cricket in India. The first edition of Deodhar trophy was played in 1973-74. In the latest editions of 2018-19, it was contested by three national teams namely India A, India B and India C.  

5. Irani Trophy: Irani Trophy was introduced in 1959 to celebrate the completion of 25 years of the Ranji Trophy championship. It was named after the late Z.R. Irani who was part of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) since its establishment in 1928 till his death in 1970. The first edition was played between the Ranji Trophy winners and rest of the teams from India.

6. Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy: It is a 20-20 domestic cricket tournament in India which is organized by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The Ranji Trophy teams participate in this tournament. The first edition of this tournament was held in 2008-09. It is named in the memory of Syed Mushtaq Ali, a famous Indian Cricketer.

7. NKP Salve Challenger Trophy: The Challenger trophy was introduced in India 1994-95. It is named after N. K. P. Salve, who played an important role in winning the first Cricket World Cup of India in 1987. It is also known as Challenger Series. It was introduced to provide a platform for the young cricketers to show their skills and talent. It is played between three teams which include India Senior, India A and India B.

8. Indian Premiere league (IPL):

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