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29 Nov 2022


Lakes in Chandigarh
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Lakes in Chandigarh 

Lakes in Chandigarh: List of lakes in Chandigarh: 1. Sukhna Lake: Interesting facts about Sukhan Lake:
  • Artificial (manmade) lake located in the Chandigarh city of the state of Punjab in India.
  • Spread over an area of around 2600 hectares.
  • It has a golf course to its south and the rock garden to its west.
  • Formed in 1958 by Le Corbusier and Chief Engineer P.L. Verma in 1958 by diverting the water of a stream that flows down the Shivalik mountain range.
  • Home to many migratory birds such as cranes, Siberian ducks, storks and more.     
  2. Dhanas Lake: Interesting facts about Dhanas Lake:  
  • Located in Dhanas Village near Sector 38 of Chandigarh.
  • Surrounded by lush greenery surroundings.
  • A 10 KW Solar Photovoltaic plant is set up at this lake.
  • Offers mesmerizing views of nature and peaceful atmosphere.
  3. New Lake: Interesting facts about New Lake:  
  • Located in sector 42 of Chandigarh.
  • Jogging track available.
  • Frequently visited by the youngsters.
  • Nice place to relax and unwind. 

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